Welcome to A Connected School Initiative and the Transformative Connected School System (TCSS)

A Connected School initiative and the Transformative Connected School System (TCSS)  create a supportive school climate for students, school staff, and the broader community by focusing on strategies that  create strong relationships which foster achievement, caring, and safety. 

The Transformative Connected School System (TCSS) is not a program but a series of principle-based interventions that focuses on developing successful, caring, safe, and high achieving schools.  Educators in Transformative Connected Schools know how to foster strong relationships that result in trust and open communication because they have a thorough understanding of human behavior. The result is a school culture that consists of a community of engaged teachers and learners who are self-disciplined, empowered, and demonstrate caring and respect.  The changes that occur in a Transformative Connected School are long term and sustainable.

How is the Transformative Connected School System different and more effective than other school climate and discipline “programs”? A Transformative Connected School promotes self-evaluation, genuine responsibility and self-discipline. 

Most programs designed to solve school climate and discipline problems are quick fixes that address surface concerns or symptoms of real problems.  Typically these programs quickly see moderate improvements, but then plateau, never accomplishing the intended goals. They often use teacher-centered approaches or “gimmicks” like the promise of rewards and the threat of punishment to try to control the behavior of students.  As a result, the teachers and administrators become benevolent dictators and the climate becomes coercive. 

The Transformative Connected School System deals with the roots of student motivation and behavior rather than the symptoms. Ask teachers if they would like to work in a school where everyone does the right thing even if no one is looking.  Most will answer with a resounding “Yes!”  Unfortunately, few know how to achieve this. 

TCSS  combines decades of research in the study of human behavior and motivation and its application in the school setting and ten years of research on school effectiveness by the Alliance for the Study of School Climate.  The Transformative Connected School is individually tailored to each school, implementation is comprehensive and systematic and includes:  1.  Planning and leadership development  2.  Analysis and assessment and  3. Training and Facilitation.

The goals of the Transformative Connected School directly and specifically relate to each of the U.S. Department of Education’s Guiding Principles as identified in the Discipline Guidelines released on January 8, 2014.

For more information about TCSS and how TCSS can help your school: meet the expectations of the federal government in fairly and equitably managing student behavior; address morale and motivation problems; insure your schools are safe; be educational leaders, please visit our TCSS website 


"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Perry Good and A Connected School faculty for the past 14 years.  I have had the pleasure of leading three staffs and the work her team has done, has been remarkable.  We have transformed the culture in all three schools with the last year being the pinnacle of my career.  As a Wake County Renaissance school, we were able to hire a new staff and begin the new birth of Barwell Elementary School.  Perry and her team were there to get us started on our journey from the very first day. Together we have been able to create a school where relationships are strong and our entire school community is connected.  Over the past year the team has had training in Connected School principles and processes.  We have had intimate grade level meetings where we reflected on our relationships with each other and our students and parents.  The most significant accomplishment has been the development of the new student "Reflection Station" located in each classroom and in our offices.  Student utilize their ipod touch devices to record reflections pertaining to their actions while answering questions related to Connected School theories.  Thus far, we have been very impressed with how reflective and self-evaluative our students are, right down to our kindergarten students. Our hope is that as we continue this journey our relationships continue to be enriched so that our ultimate goal of increasing student achievement will be surpassed.  Our first year results revealed a 9.7 gain in proficiency and 69% of our 4th and 5th grade students met their individual growth targets.  Our expectation is that this next year is going to be even better!  We will be forever indebted to Perry Good and the Connected School faculty for their support and for getting us started on this incredible journey! " - Sandy Barefoot, Principal of Barwell Road Renaissance Elementary School, Wake County, NC